Angel Light Readings
All about Tammy...
Hello, my name is Tammy Smalt and I am a
psychic medium. I receive psychic intuitive
information from my Angels and Guides through
clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (feeling),
clairvoyance (seeing), claircognizance (knowing)
, clairalience (smelling), clairgustance (tasting),
and psychometry (touching an object). In
addition to directly receiving information I
sometimes use tools such as angel oracle cards,
birds, flower cards, pendulums. I find each person
I read for to be different and the way the
information comes in varies.

I am a Reiki Master, which is an energy healing
, and am also an Ama Deus Shamanic
Healing practitioner.
I am a Master’s prepared
Adult Nurse Practitioner, and have practiced
primarily in Women’s Health for many years. I
am not in
any way providing medical care on this
website, but I am mentioning this so you can
understand how analytical I can be. I find that a
by Psychic Medium Tammy Smalt
good blend of psychic intuition and analytical skill hone my ability to interpret and
present the information I receive for you.

I connect with my angels and guides and yours to provide you with answers,
direction, and clarity.  You can have a general reading, or ask specific questions. I
may get someone who has passed that has a message for you, and I often connect with
pets that have passed and still come around you. My readings are about the present,
last 6weeks, and often up to 2 years in the future. Although I am a medium, it is not
my strongest ability. I cannot guarantee I will be able to connect with the exact
person you are looking for. I do not have any control over who chooses to comes

The information I receive for you is normally going to be about what is most on your
mind, whether or not you asked about it. I may provide you with information that
some part of you already knows, but in a slightly different way that makes sense for
you; sort of like an “ah ha” moment. With my or any other reading please remember
what we see is the most likely outcome based on current circumstances. Remember,
free will allows you to change your life at any time.